Who We Are

Nelson Mendela
“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”

Nelson Mandela  |  Justice Advocate

One Justice (OJ) is a Paris-based, youth oriented, independent non-profit organization advocating the human rights of vulnerable people all over the world, specifically in conflict areas, through legal deterrence and grassroots’ legal capacity building.

OJ makes sure victims have access to justice through Legal aid programs; including legal consultation, representation before the relevant courts and taking their issues to the concerned parties and organizations.




Because “Justice delayed is justice denied,” OJ came as an initiative to stop the inaction this world witnesses in many conflict areas. Many object, but few act, and fewer have the means to act! Therefore, OJ’s main mission is to make justice accessible to those in need and create a culture of human rights through its multiple grassroots’ legal capacity building strategies.

“Justice Accessible to All!”  In pursuit of this vision, OJ undertakes affirmative legal action to make justice accessible to the vulnerable in conflict areas by advising, representing, and assisting them with legal procedures. OJ also works to empower victims of human rights violations through legal cultre development activities.

Indivisibility of Justice
Empowerment of Victims