Warfali Case

Warfali Case

Case Synopsis: 

In 15th August 2017 Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of International Criminal Court, has issued a warrant for the arrest of Mahmoud Warfali, officer of Saiqa of LNA.  

Mahmoud Warfali’s arrest was called upon for his criminal actions, war crimes committed in seven incidents, between the dates June 2016 and July 2017 

The conflict dates back to the revolution of 2011 against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi which escalated into a civil war fought between several governments and militia groups. Al-Werfali joined the Al-Saiqa Brigade of LNA after Gaddafi’s fall and has been Axes Commander since 2015.  

The Chamber issued the arrest warrant based on the executions committed by Warafli during the course of June 2016 till July 2017 in which a total of 33 detainees have been either personally killed by Warfali or executed under his order. There is no information on the matter of whether the detainees were recognized due process or not. The Chamber concludes that there is reasonable grounds to believe all seven incidents that took place during the time period were committed by Warfali as evidence from video footages, witness recordings, interviews, internal orders, and social media posts of Al-Saiqa brigade, records of international organizations and research center reports all point to Warfali’s instigation of the executions. The chamber finds Warfali’s arrest necessary as his violations constitute war crimes and human rights violations.  

On February 6, Mamoud Warfali surrendered himself to the military police in the city Marj and soon after tensions escalated into multiple clashes between al-Saiqa forces and LNA forces in Benghazi. IED explosions resulted in the deaths of many civilians during the conflicts. On February 10, LNA released Warfali on the grounds that he will be tried in national courts thus refusing to hand him to ICC.   

Trial Prosecutor: 

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor  

James Stewart, Deputy Prosecutor 

 Case Result: 



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