Become a Volunteer


All over the geography of our work and operations, we value the treasure we have; our volunteers. The contributions made by volunteers are invaluable and make us come closer to our vision of making justice accessible to all, especially in conflict areas.

As a volunteer you may be asked to assist our work through any of the following:

  • Undertaking research tasks
  • Monitoring the international press
  • Translating (our current main languages include French, English and Arabic but we deal with other languages as well)
  • Participating in online communities
  • Raising funds assisting legal aid and human rights campaigns.
  • And/or loaning your own specialist expertise to an area of our work (such as photo and video designing and web-building among others).

Volunteers are generally recruited for a specific period of time, renewable with mutual consent.

Apply for Volunteering

Please provide the information required in the form below including your CV.