OJ Conducts A Seminar with Sehir University on Human Rights Law

OJ Conducts A Seminar with Sehir University on Human Rights Law

February 28, 2019

One JusticeAssociation organized a panel on Human Rights Law in collaboration with Istanbul Sehir University Career Center last Friday.

The Human Rights Panel coordinated by OJ focused on international human rights law firstly by briefing the most significant developments of human rights in history by further elaborating on the international legal structure.

The panel began by introducing One Justice as a human rights organization, then welcomed guest speaker Prof HuseyinAlptekin, Assistant Professor at Sehir University who specializes in comparative political institutions and Middle Eastern politics, to elaborate on the human rights history and the important stages it has overcome throughout the 20th century. Prof Sirin Duygulu, Assistant Professor in Sehir University and who specializes in International law and human rights, continued the discussions by elaborating on the current international legal structure regarding human rights laws and how the designed system is incomplete in effectively remedying human rights violations worldwide. Prof.Duygulu touched on the subject of institutional failure of international law and the provided methods by which it can be improved and activated. Lastly, Hassan Ben Imran, the director of OJ Istanbul office and a member of International Jurists Union, elaborated on how OJ can contribute to generating solutions to ongoing conflicts and improve mechanisms that protect human rights. 

In the second half of the program, the floor was open to discussion on several topics, ranging from current conflict issues and debates among students and attending professors. Madina Batyrova, a member of One Justice, concluded the program by introducing the “Victim’s Guide to Justice” as one of OJ’s primary examples of advocating and taking legal action for human rights worldwide. The participants on their part expressed great interest in advancing and contributing to the cause of One Justice.


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